Upcoming Events-

Notes -

Tuesday, September 11th will be the last day of play for the league. (Although we hope you’ll keep playing on your own after that). On that night, we will do a scramble tournament. This will not be a shotgun start, you will make tee times like normal. Some of our leagues just have too many players in them to try and get them all on the course at the same time.

Our banquet will be the following Tuesday, September 18th at Angelica’s restaurant. Cocktail hour will be 5:30 – 6:30 PM, followed by scramble prizes and free golf drawings, followed by dinner.

The banquet meal is free. It was already part of your registration fee for the league. HOWEVER, YOU NEED TO FILL OUT A FORM TO LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE COMING THAT NIGHT SO THAT WE CAN RESERVE THE CORRECT NUMBER OF SEATS.

You must sign up by Friday, September 14th.


Results -
Date:  September 4th 
Format:  Shamble

Two Person teams

28-       $12                  Susan Malley

30-       $10                  Debbie Dion

31-       $8                    Diane Tracchia

33-                   Lauren Olsen

35-                   Sue Wrenn

37-                   Sherry Ambrose, Sydney Southern

38-                   Alicia Bruneau, Elaine Keenan, Anthie Jackson, Karen Demers

40-                   Lil Donovan

41-                   Vangie Bouras, Nancy Kavanagh, Alyssa Zonghetti

43-                   Mary Staples, Claudette Ash

44-                   Tricia Flaherty

Three Person teams

32-       $12 ea             Janice Dodge, Jean George

33-       $10                  Dee Silva

34-       $8 ea               Susan Holsing, Leanne Christopher

35-                   Shelley Kelly, Marta Lunden

36-                   Kim Ubele, Irene Velonis

37-                   Ellen Lopez, Janet Hansen, Maryanne McCarthy, Hannah Jackson

39-                   Patti Cohen

40-                   Yolanda Csizmadia, Ginny Thompson

41-                   Millie McGrath, Peggy Pedro, Nancy Delisio, Joelle Lydon

42-                   Nancy Delaney, Sue Doherty

43-                   Janice Terzakis

45-                   Jean Stevenson

48-                   Carol Pelosi, Jean Crowley

51-                   Sylvia Goodwin

Four person teams

31-       $12                  Margie Bower

32-       $10                  Caroline Webber

36-       $8 ea               Cathy Hosman, Marsha Shepard

37-                   Pam Larson, Debbie Blackwood

38-                   Shirley Kenny, Irene Dutton, Liz Flynn, Bernice Addonizio

39-                   Kathy Kalimon, Chris O’Brien, Betsy Hopkins

40-                   Pauline Viens, Cathy Ryan

41-                   Erin O’Brien