Monday Evening New Golfer Results-

Monday, September 10th will be the last day of play for the league. On that night, we will do a scramble tournament. (Of course, you’re welcome to keep playing on your own after that).

Our banquet will be the following Monday, September 17th at Angelica’s restaurant. Cocktail hour will be 5:30 – 6:30 PM, followed by scramble prizes and free golf drawings, followed by dinner.

The banquet meal is free. It was already part of your registration fee for the league. HOWEVER, YOU NEED TO FILL OUT A FORM TO LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE COMING THAT NIGHT SO THAT WE CAN RESERVE THE CORRECT NUMBER OF SEATS.

You must sign up by Thursday, September 13th.


Results from August 27th

Names in yellow win a sleeve of balls (Top)



36-           Bud O’Soro

39-           Ralph Spano

43-           Jim Beliveau, Mary Trecartin

44-           Kristin Beliveau, Nancy Fernandes

45-           Jane Spano

46-           Carol Varone, Meg McMahon, Linda Altieri

47-           Anthony Caputo

48-           Brennen Johnston

49-           Meg Ahearn

50-           Ryan Johnston, Nancy Arrington, Jennifer Welter, Brenda Lewin

52-           Sue Lambe



37-           Virginia Silver, Cindy Brierly, Marie DeIulis, Debra Roberts

39-           Paula Phipps, Vicky Hoey, Leanne McDermott

39-           Joan Tremblay, Terri Jellison

39-           Angela Squitieri, Anne Piette

 Friday Morning New Golfer Results-



On Friday, October 12th , we will have our Friday Morning New Golfer League Celebration. We will have a 9 hole Scramble tournament with lunch after play. There is no charge for the lunch. Everyone must check in at 9:00 AM and we will do a shotgun start (everyone starts at the same time) at 9:30 AM. For those of you who have never played in a Scramble, it’s a lot of fun. Everyone on your team tees off. You choose the best shot, and then everyone hits from there. Continue doing this until the ball is in the hole. THIS EVENT IS RAIN OR SHINE. If you can join us, please fill out the bottom and return to the pro shop.

You must sign up by Friday, October 5th .

Please note- this is the last day of play for the league for this season. We hope you will all keep playing right through the Fall. It’s a great time to play golf. The weather is cool and the scenery is beautiful. Check out our Fall Calendar too. If you like this Scramble format, you’ll like some of the crazy scramble formats we run. Check out our String Scramble, Turkey Shoot, Blind Nine and more


Results for Friday, October 5th

Names in yellow win a sleeve of golf balls 



37-         Judy Monagle, Janice Biddescombe

43-         Virginia Silver, Cindy Brierley





37-         Susan Ross

38-         Maria Lang

40-         Michelle Flynn

45-         Joanne L.

48-         Donna Sullivan, Cindi Quaratiello

52-         Pat Carter

54-         Irene Taylor, Janice Dague