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Frostbite Open, Saturday December 3rd
1st Place 48 $50/ person Dan Newberg, Dan Newberg II, Ray Scanlon, Jim Roderick
2nd Place 48 $40 /person Mike McKenna, Tom Aumond, Jason Taquinino, Justin Melvin
3rd Place 48 $30/ person Peter Costello, Harriet Ronkin, Mike Welch, Glenn Killingworth
4th Place 48 $20/ person Dan Smith, Cory Flanigan, Charlie Ross, Andrew Wenstrem
2nd chance   $20/ person Haven Sharaf, Justin Sharaf, Murray Winer, Keith Winer
Closest to the pin , Shelley Pedersen & Justin Sharaf
5 skins lived paying $128 each to Newberg team, Costello team, Sharaf team, Smith team, Treffy group
End of season gift card drawing $50 each to Debbie Klarman and Bryan Ciborowski

Scrambled Scramble - Saturday November 19th
 1st Place  47  $25/person Mike Welch, Glenn Killingworth, Karen Fossett, Richard Sorrentino 
 2nd Place  48  $20/person  Deb Serino, Stephen Lee, Dan Newberg, Ray Scanlon
 3rd Place  49  $15/person  Jonathan Williams, Andrew Pierce, Deb Clark, Bill Clark
 2nd chance    $10/person  Shaun Wilson, Hank Burke, Paula Kingsbury, Maureen Finn
Closest to the pin for the men Ned Robertson 9'0", for the women Paula Kingsbury 9'7"

Four skins lived and paid $75 each to the teams of Welch, Killingworth, Fossett, Sorrentino / Serino, Lee, Newberg, Scanlon/ Bracy, Pedersen, Yanofsky, Sulak/ Burke, Nolan, Olson, Olson

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 50/50 on November 12th.  We were able to send $180 to the Wounded Warrior Project. Click the link to see the receipt confirmation.

Red, White, & Blue Scramblew - November 12th
1st Place 50 $22.50 ea Dan Newberg, Ray Scanlon, Dan Newberg II, Scott Kelman
2nd Place 51 $17.50 ea Paula Kingsbury, Maureen Finn, Marianne Devlin, Danielle Bracy
3rd Place 51 $12.50 ea Ross Goldberg, Joe Cronin, Jon Lien
2nd chance   $10.00 ea Paul Johnston, Dylan Johnston, Linda Muccioli, Matt Muccioli

Closest to the pin men 16.5 ft Neil Murphy, women- 11.5 ft Anita Loughlin & Maureen Finn

5 skins lived paying $52 each to Newberg group (1), Kingsbury group (2), Goldberg group (2)

50/50 winners - $90 each - Linda Muccioli & Scott Burke

Turkey Shoot Scramble - Saturday, November 5th
1st Place-Men's 53 $25/person  Dan Newberg, Ray Scanlon
2nd Place 55 $20/person Paul Johnston, Dylan Johnston
3rd Place 56 $15/person Bryan Ciborowski, Kevin Ciborowski
4th Place 56 $10/person Jim Davis, Rich Pollack
1st Place -Mixed 54 $25/person Darcy Bracy, Shelley Pedersen
2nd Place 56 $20/person Deb Clark, Bill Clark
2nd chance   $10/person Neil Murphy, Bruce Campbell

Closest to the pin Women Shelley Pedersen 15'.5", Men Bill Clark 5'6"

Four skins lived and paid $60 each to the teams of Davis & Pollack, Kingsbury & Finn, Bracy & Pedersen, Ryan & Ryan 

Trick or Treat Scramble - Saturday, October 29th
1st Place $30/person 48 Matt Ventre, Mike Hurton, Pete Shea, Mike Lawrence
2nd Place $25/person 49 Bennet Pawlusiak, Kyle Bowman, Patrick Trubiano, JR McGilvary
3rd Place $20/person 49 Hank Burke, Jim Burke, Ed Burke, Shaun Wilson
4th Place $15/person 50 Chad Reese, Brad Cole, James Deloid, Brandon FitzPatrick
5th Place $10/person 50 Ross Goldberg, Mike Shea, Joe Cronin, Dave Hammerschmith
2nd chance $10/person   Bruce Sweeney, Eric Anderson, Paul Johnston, Dylan Johnston
Closest to the pin #7 Paula Kingsbury 6'5", #10 Deb Serino 33'9", #5 4'11" Brandon FitzPatrick, #13 Pete Shea 10'11"

There was only one skin that lived...hole #13....paying $420 to the team of Serino, Lee, Bracy, Pedersen!

String Scramble Results
1st Place $32.50/person 39 Haven Sharaf, Justin Sharaf, Murray Winer, Will Lloyd
2nd Place $27.50/person 39 Stephen Lee, Deb Serino, Darcy Bracy, Shelley Pedersen
3rd Place $22.50/person 40 Scott Thomas, Andy Taylor, Mike Cournoyer
4th Place $17.50/person 41 Kevin O'Donnell, Glen MacIntire, Paul McCurley, Stephen Cornell
5th Place $12.50/person 41 Connie Hayton, Joe Hayton, Tom Tremblay, Ken Tremblay
2nd chance $10.00/person  Pat Nugent, Terry Murphy, Mark Rolli, Cathy Sturdevant

2 skins lived paying $240 each to the groups of Burke, Burke, Burke & Wilson and Monagle, Fossett, Clark & Clark.

Closest to the pin women - Judy Skerry 6'5" men- Scott Thomas 1"

Thank you to everyone who participated in and volunteered for our Making Strides Tournament.
We raised $6,028.66 for breast cancer research and awareness. That's almost $2,000 more than last year.

Click here to view pictures from the event

Here is the complete list of raffle winners


Chateau Restaurant                                       Marie Mulloy

$25 GC


Richardson’s Dairy                                         Dot Basile

$25 GC


JP Licks                                                                        Paul Feeley

1 free ice cream cake


Periwinkles  3- $35 gc                                                     Nancy Greer

                                                                                                Rose Follis

                                                                                                Darcy Sorrentino


5-$20 GC                                                                     Shelley Ambrose

                                                                                                Cheryl Feagill

                                                                                                Sarah Claflin

                                                                                                Pat O’Hearn

                                                                                                Kathy Kalimon

Kelley Greens

18 holesw/cart for 2                                      Caron


Kelley Greens

$20 GC                                                                        Ann Pruda


Common Man

$25 GC                                                                        Trisha Houle


Boston Harbor Cruise

2 tickets on Codzilla                                       Elaine Jacques

RedSox- auto. Picture

Of Joe Kelley                                                           Pat O’Hearn

Salem Waterfront Hotel Stay                                    Pauline Viens

Charles Hotel Stay                                                 Shiela Mulroy

Hotel Commonwealth Stay                                   Marie McDuff

Congratulations to our 2016 Club Champions!
Men's A Flight
 1st Place  Trophy & $30 gift card  Gary McQuillan  126
 2nd Place  Trophy & $25 gift card  Stephen Cornell  127
 3rd Place  $20 gift card  Stephen Lee  132
Men's B Flight
 1st Place  Trophy & $30 gift card  Michael Welch  111
 2nd Place  Trophy & $25 gift card  Tom Wade  114
 3rd Place  $20 gift card  Jim Burke  115
Men's Senior Flight
 1st Place  Trophy & $30 gift card  Nick Lazarakis  113
 2nd Place  Trophy & $25 gift card  Peter Costello  115
 3rd Place  $20 gift card  Al Vickers  117
Women's A Flight
 1st Place  Trophy & $30 gift card  Anne Putur  121
 2nd Place  Trophy & $25 gift card  Karen Fossett  138
 3rd Place  $20 gift card  Karen Pagnotti  142
Women's B Flight
 1st Place  Trophy & $30 gift card Vicki Malatesta  116
 2nd Place  Trophy & $25 gift card  Deb Clark  118
 3rd Place  $20 gift card  Kathy Grieco  121
**Note - Ties were broken by match of cards in order of the stroke holes. For net flights, handicap strokes were applied too.

Congratulations to our 2016 Putting Champions!
Nick Lazarakis won the Men's Division with a score of 37 for 18 holes.
Vicki Malatesta won the Women's Division with a score 41 of for 18 holes.
They both receive a trophy and a $15 Middleton Golf Course gift card.

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